• Natalie Sanderson - Fitness Instructor, Pilates Teacher, Essential Oil Educator


    Qualified Fitness Instructor + Pilates Teacher + Essential Oil Educator

Health & Wellness Coach Australia

Lead a healthier, happier lifestyle regardless of your past, abilities, finances or location.

Welcome to Bliss Active a special place to guide you to a healthier, happier you.  I am Natalie Sanderson, Australian based fitness trainer, Pilates instructor and Essential Oil educator.

My vision is to help others¬†chase their dreams and have a holistic approach to their mind, body, family, and work. I established Bliss Active in 2010, just three months after giving birth to my beautiful first child. My need to step back from my hectic pre-motherhood lifestyle where I was working long hours in a demanding marketing manager role. I knew this wasn’t the lifestyle I wanted for myself and my family, so I chose to follow my dreams and live my life completely. I have had the pleasure of helping thousands of people achieve their health goals over the years, and I am always inspired by the people I meet.

If you need to reset and find that sparkle…

we can work together to break down the steps, work out the possibilities and make lifelong solutions…

Natalie x