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Taking Essential Oils Eternally To Eat or Not to Eat?  That is the question……

  One of the first things that really intrigued me was taking Essential Oils internally the idea that I could put a couple of drops of lemon into my morning water was very appealing in a convenience sense.  However, I questioned how it would affect my body.  I researched and consulted others with a scientific […]

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Doterra Natures Solution Aromatherapy Kit

Nature’s Solution Enrolment Kit Essential Oil Bliss

Oh Boy Oh Boy – this is the Bomb! Recently released in Australia this enrolment kit is Epic.  So many are picking this up and for many reasons, firstly you save over $200 and have the whole kit to transfer your home bring it into a complete low tox chemical free from home cleaning to […]

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Easy Air Respiratory Support

Shortness of Breath, Chest Tightness Respiratory Support

Wheezing, breathlessness, coughing and overall feeling restricted through chest and respiratory tracts.  A dormant condition can come to surface with exposure to cooler weather and other environmental factors including air pollution. This affects thousands and our family is definitely one.  I can hear my little ones struggling as soon as the weather changes.  Fortunately with […]

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June Promotions

Glowing Healthy skin with Salubelle and Verage Skin Care Kit

With years of sun damage and a family history of poor skin, I am under doctors orders for regular skin check ups.  A year ago I was most alarmed to see a growth occuring on my nose, and sought the advice of two doctors and had a referral set to go to specialist to have […]

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Trainers tips for Weight Loss

Letting you in on a little secret that has helped me help hundreds of clients drop dress sizes, some over 50kg – that is a whole person! Many loose 6kg in 6 weeks. 20+cm off the belly. Ultimately as a Trainer the majority of people I see want to loose weight. Anyone who has trained with me, […]

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Blissful Blog by Natalie Sanderson

Home baking with Essential Oils – Chocolate Peppermint Brownies & Apple Slice

Cooking some yummies. 👩‍🍳 Made these simultaneously Apple Slice first as bakes for longer & for the chocolate lovers – peppermint brownies. 🍎Apple Slice with cinnamon, cardamon & lemon. Brownies with Peppermint 🍃 Peppermint Brownies   Date Brownies (sugarfree, gluten free) 200 g dark chocolate 200 g pitted dates 1/2 tsp baking powder 55 g coconut oil 3 eggs 1 tsp vanilla paste/essence […]

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Effective tips to help relieve back pain through stretches and essential oil rubs

Do you suffer from Back Pain? Almost everyone has at some point or has an ongoing issue.  Todays sedentary lifestyle, high comms, seating hunched over an iphone scrolling the internet for hours is no good for our backs. Hopefully that has got your attention to roll your shoulders back and down, sit up straight, engage your […]

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dōTERRA Convention Gold Coast

DōTERRA Convention

Just one of the great benefits of being a DōTERRA Wellness Advocate… Wow, my first ever Australian DōTERRA convention definitely exceeded my expectations and I did hold very high hopes.  The mere thought of sitting in a large auditorium listening to speakers on end for 3 days I wasn’t sure how I would hold up.  […]

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Fiji Feature Photo

Fiji Doterra Incentive Trip 2017

Reliving the fun of the Dōterra Fiji Incentive Trip which was totally incredible. Such a beautiful time – Inspired & Moved 💕Welcoming Fijian Villagers, Lavished with gifts 🎁 daily, most captivating island 🌴 dancers I’ve ever seen & most of all surrounded by amazing people loved learning & connecting with health & wellness gurus ✨so […]

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Essential Oils

The best way to purchase Essential Oils with DōTTERA

Essential Oils have had such a positive impact on my life, I love them, and am excited to share them with you to help support emotional and physical needs. It’s a beautiful experience being able to help others breathe deeper, balance and brighten their day, improving overall health utilising a gift from nature. Especially with […]

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Bridge to Brisbane 2013

Bridge to Brisbane 2013

A few sights from the Bridge to Brisbane 2013! Great way to celebrate Fathers Day and the 1st day of Spring, with a run over the Bridge and into the City.  Our Bliss Active members and family enjoyed the most of a gorgeous day taking on the 10km.  Please note large scenic shots taken mid […]

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dips and vegies

Kids eating salad & vegetables

Do you struggle to have your kids eat salad or vegetables?  Sure there are ways that you can trick them into eating it or bribe them, wouldn’t it just be nice if that enjoyed eating them? Here’s some tips on things you can try to encourage healthy vegetable eaters in your home: Role model, Role […]

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