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Biz tips – where to get started and relaunch

Sharing Doterra is an amazing opportunity to help empower others and make a difference, whilst building up a side business, some extra money to pay groceries and you can go as big as you like.

How do you reach out and build your Doterra business? Lets break it down into the possibilities…

Think about the essential oils you’ve become hooked on and so glad you have in your life. Who else in your life could benefit from these oils?

I also like to think through each of the key top 10 oils and who may need some support with that area, for example: * On Guard – Immunity, fight off nasties * Lavender – Sleep, soothing * Frankincense – mood, brain, skin * Ice Blue – Aches and pains * Balance / Lavender Peace – melt away stress, settle anxious feelings

Getting Healthy, find your bliss

Share your Story… What led you to DoTerra? What were your concerns or your loved ones dealing with?

List some positive experiences you’ve had with the oils. How has Doterra changed your life? Some of these stories might not be your own but friends or other connections you’ve made through Doterra, possibly online. This is a great way to show others have had similar issues, and what they found helpful. For example – Peppermint for headaches, or Frankincense for anxious feelings.

Local Empower Kit: Your complete tool kit to run an essential oil class for 1 person or a dozen. It is also a cheaper way to purchase wild orange, I have done the math! Simply order this on your next Doterra order. Then you can hand out anytime giving out a sample or meeting someone. Note: known as “Class in a Box” in other markets.

  • 32 Event Invitations
  • 30 Nature’s Solutions Booklets (Each booklet includes a Class Outline, Product Order Form, Enrolment Kit Flyers, and Enrolment Forms)
  • 10 5mL Wild Orange

Sampling: A perfect way to introduce someone to the oils that maybe not sure, or one of first experiences. Be a really good listener and hear peoples pain points in day to day conversations. This is a great way to then offer something that has worked for you, would they like to give it a try? Personalise samples to meet their specific queries or areas of interest – sleep, stress. Provide instructions how to use, where to apply and how many times a day. Follow up within 2 days. Invite to class or 1:1 coffee catch up. Click here to watch a video of a beautiful leader, Ange Peters from Hol:Fit explaining how she makes up and sends out samples.

Social Media: Example Text “I am looking for 5 peeps to spoil with samples to help with stress, hormonal, pick me ups, immunity & more – very exciting! You’ll receive your own special package. Perfect opportunity to experience power of essential oils for yourself & with support to teach you how to best use. Eligible to anyone not currently being helped by someone with dōterra First 5 to contact me will be spoilt with gift. PM or comment below to be one of the lucky few.

Keep a key chain on you Always: You’ll be ready to give someone a sample anywhere anytime. Just be sure to grab their mobile number so you can text them a weblink and instructions on how to use. Follow up. I always keep: Digestzen, Peppermint & On Guard Beadlets, Balance on me at all times. You can order key chains on your next Doterra Order. Also online stores sell small 1-2ml vials perfect for sampling. Also can recycle your empty bottles, just use the same oil in bottle recycling, and only provide 10 pure drops maximum.

Lend out a Diffuser and Oils: Another style of sampling if you feel comfortable lending your diffuser with a sample oil, this may be for a friend. Really gives them an understanding of how they can benefit from essential oils. Let them know you’ll follow up in 72 hours.

Here is an outlined process you can follow too:

Social Media: For everyone, I would recommend having a social media presence, even if that is just for you to keep a record of your favorite blends or go-to for headaches. This will become a great resource for you to refer back to and you can share with friends and family. Having an Instagram and /or Facebook page makes it a great way to create a community and build belief in the product with a multitude of uses. You can also just utilise our teams page – post up your favourite blends, connect members if you that feels a better way to start for you. This will be welcomed and your friends on the page will see your interacting and showing up too.

Guided along the way: There is a beautiful community here for you to be supported by. To start up to date with information join the Doterra Facebook pages, and a great one to join is also fantastic mentors, Natalie and Andy Goddard, they even do weekly mentor calls live on Facebook you can be part of with their coach:

Where to start building? Create a names list. “Who’s lives do you want to change?” There are many people that you interact with daily that you don’t need to be concerned you’ve got a tight-knit group of friends. Have a look at a memory jogger here. You may have a small circle, but that is all it takes, as each individual will have their own connections. This is all about serving and helping others to be empowered.

Build Guides: In your welcome pack with your very first Doterra Order, you’ll receive 3 guides: Live, Share, and Build. And everyone will fit into one of these. Live guide is there to help assist in your new members’ wellness overviews once they have their oils. Share guide is a first stepping point into your Doterra Business. Sharing comes naturally and you’ll find your customers will start sharing with friends just because they love the product. Build guide will provide the foundation for you to launch your business. “PIPES” is the basis, pipeline that will be a catalyst for your growth. Click here for video explaining the build guide and a link to a copy.

Prepare: Learn the top 10 oils benefits (click here to view video), the key enrolment kits, and create names list. Set a regular class time, weekly is ideal. Online or in person. Refer to Essential Life Book for any queries, you can say to friends, gosh I don’t know, but I will research and get back to you. Oil Life or Aromatools is a great place to purchase the Essential Life Book and also sample vials.

Invite: Reach out send personalised text or phone, and remind day prior look forward to seeing them. Sampling prior to class is really effective.

Enrol: Listen to others key health priorities and provide suggestions of best enrolment kits to start with. Follow up and give them promotion details.

Support: Invite into community – social media pages, add to team welcome email series, follow up with monthly promotions, wellness overview.

If you are keen to go Elite – an important start to building your Doterra business, watch this video breaking it down, how to launch or relaunch and go Elite in just 6 weeks! Grab your note pad and pen.

How Much Will I Earn? This is the game-changer, you will see you can simply support your current income or go really big. Click here to watch this video link to understand how the compensation works.

How do I help a friend get their own oils? You’ll be surprised how simple it is. Check out this blog here to follow the steps laid out for you.

Why Doterra as a Business? Doterra oils are the most tested, trusted, and worlds largest essential oil company. It is a billion-dollar company debt-free, with no shareholders with eye on profit over quality. The founding owners are the executive team and they have a clear mission “to make a difference in the world”. From the growers to end-users, changing lives in impoverished communities. A key difference is Doterra has a strong connection with customers with their effective products, a very high retention rate of 65%. Lead with powerful products, and a wellness lifestyle everyone wants a part of. Flexibility to work from anywhere, at your hours to earn from a generous compensation plan to create lifelong residual income.

Secret to Service: Be committed & consistent- mindset! Make up Your Mind You’re Going to Do This. Show Up, there are people out there waiting to hear your story, and looking for solutions.

I am excited to be on this journey with you and happy to help you along the way. Reach out and lets make a plan together to help you achieve your goals: Be it to pay for your Doterra products, Supplement your income or Replace your Income!
We are building something for life – residual income, with a goal to serve and help people in a natural lifestyle.

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