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Biz tips – where to get started and relaunch

Sharing Doterra is an amazing opportunity to help empower others and make a difference, whilst building up a side business, some extra money to pay groceries and you can go as big as you like.

How do you reach out and build your Doterra business? Lets break it down into the possibilities…

Think about the essential oils you’ve become hooked on and so glad you have in your life. Who else in your life could benefit from these oils?

I also like to think through each of the key top 10 oils and who may need some support with that area, for example: * On Guard – Immunity, fight off nasties * Lavender – Sleep, soothing * Frankincense – mood, brain, skin * Ice Blue – Aches and pains * Balance / Lavender Peace – melt away stress, settle anxious feelings

Getting Healthy, find your bliss

Share your Story… What led you to DoTerra? What were your concerns or your loved ones dealing with?

List some positive experiences you’ve had with the oils. How has Doterra changed your life? Some of these stories might not be your own but friends or other connections you’ve made through Doterra, possibly online. This is a great way to show others have had similar issues, and what they found helpful. For example – Peppermint for headaches, or Frankincense for anxious feelings.

Local Empower Kit: Your complete tool kit to run an essential oil class for 1 person or a dozen. It is also a cheaper way to purchase wild orange, I have done the math! Simply order this on your next Doterra order. Then you can hand out anytime giving out a sample or meeting someone. Note: known as “Class in a Box” in other markets.

  • 32 Event Invitations
  • 30 Nature’s Solutions Booklets (Each booklet includes a Class Outline, Product Order Form, Enrolment Kit Flyers, and Enrolment Forms)
  • 10 5mL Wild Orange

Sampling: A perfect way to introduce someone to the oils that maybe not sure, or one of first experiences. Be a really good listener and hear peoples pain points in day to day conversations. This is a great way to then offer something that has worked for you, would they like to give it a try? Personalise samples to meet their specific queries or areas of interest – sleep, stress. Provide instructions how to use, where to apply and how many times a day. Follow up within 2 days. Invite to class or 1:1 coffee catch up. Click here to watch a video of a beautiful leader, Ange Peters from Hol:Fit explaining how she makes up and sends out samples.

Social Media: Example Text “I am looking for 5 peeps to spoil with samples to help with stress, hormonal, pick me ups, immunity & more – very exciting! You’ll receive your own special package. Perfect opportunity to experience power of essential oils for yourself & with support to teach you how to best use. Eligible to anyone not currently being helped by someone with dōterra First 5 to contact me will be spoilt with gift. PM or comment below to be one of the lucky few.

Keep a key chain on you Always: You’ll be ready to give someone a sample anywhere anytime. Just be sure to grab their mobile number so you can text them a weblink and instructions on how to use. Follow up. I always keep: Digestzen, Peppermint & On Guard Beadlets, Balance on me at all times. You can order key chains on your next Doterra Order. Also online stores sell small 1-2ml vials perfect for sampling. Also can recycle your empty bottles, just use the same oil in bottle recycling, and only provide 10 pure drops maximum.

Lend out a Diffuser and Oils: Another style of sampling if you feel comfortable lending your diffuser with a sample oil, this may be for a friend. Really gives them an understanding of how they can benefit from essential oils. Let them know you’ll follow up in 72 hours.

Here is an outlined process you can follow too:

Social Media: For everyone, I would recommend having a social media presence, even if that is just for you to keep a record of your favorite blends or go-to for headaches. This will become a great resource for you to refer back to and you can share with friends and family. Having an Instagram and /or Facebook page makes it a great way to create a community and build belief in the product with a multitude of uses. You can also just utilise our teams page – post up your favourite blends, connect members if you that feels a better way to start for you. This will be welcomed and your friends on the page will see your interacting and showing up too.

Guided along the way: There is a beautiful community here for you to be supported by. To start up to date with information join the Doterra Facebook pages, and a great one to join is also fantastic mentors, Natalie and Andy Goddard, they even do weekly mentor calls live on Facebook you can be part of with their coach:

Where to start building? Create a names list. “Who’s lives do you want to change?” There are many people that you interact with daily that you don’t need to be concerned you’ve got a tight-knit group of friends. Have a look at a memory jogger here. You may have a small circle, but that is all it takes, as each individual will have their own connections. This is all about serving and helping others to be empowered.

Build Guides: In your welcome pack with your very first Doterra Order, you’ll receive 3 guides: Live, Share, and Build. And everyone will fit into one of these. Live guide is there to help assist in your new members’ wellness overviews once they have their oils. Share guide is a first stepping point into your Doterra Business. Sharing comes naturally and you’ll find your customers will start sharing with friends just because they love the product. Build guide will provide the foundation for you to launch your business. “PIPES” is the basis, pipeline that will be a catalyst for your growth. Click here for video explaining the build guide and a link to a copy.

Prepare: Learn the top 10 oils benefits (click here to view video), the key enrolment kits, and create names list. Set a regular class time, weekly is ideal. Online or in person. Refer to Essential Life Book for any queries, you can say to friends, gosh I don’t know, but I will research and get back to you. Oil Life or Aromatools is a great place to purchase the Essential Life Book and also sample vials.

Invite: Reach out send personalised text or phone, and remind day prior look forward to seeing them. Sampling prior to class is really effective.

Enrol: Listen to others key health priorities and provide suggestions of best enrolment kits to start with. Follow up and give them promotion details.

Support: Invite into community – social media pages, add to team welcome email series, follow up with monthly promotions, wellness overview.

If you are keen to go Elite – an important start to building your Doterra business, watch this video breaking it down, how to launch or relaunch and go Elite in just 6 weeks! Grab your note pad and pen.

How Much Will I Earn? This is the game-changer, you will see you can simply support your current income or go really big. Click here to watch this video link to understand how the compensation works.

How do I help a friend get their own oils? You’ll be surprised how simple it is. Check out this blog here to follow the steps laid out for you.

Why Doterra as a Business? Doterra oils are the most tested, trusted, and worlds largest essential oil company. It is a billion-dollar company debt-free, with no shareholders with eye on profit over quality. The founding owners are the executive team and they have a clear mission “to make a difference in the world”. From the growers to end-users, changing lives in impoverished communities. A key difference is Doterra has a strong connection with customers with their effective products, a very high retention rate of 65%. Lead with powerful products, and a wellness lifestyle everyone wants a part of. Flexibility to work from anywhere, at your hours to earn from a generous compensation plan to create lifelong residual income.

Secret to Service: Be committed & consistent- mindset! Make up Your Mind You’re Going to Do This. Show Up, there are people out there waiting to hear your story, and looking for solutions.

I am excited to be on this journey with you and happy to help you along the way. Reach out and lets make a plan together to help you achieve your goals: Be it to pay for your Doterra products, Supplement your income or Replace your Income!
We are building something for life – residual income, with a goal to serve and help people in a natural lifestyle.

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Refer a Friend

So you love having Essential oils at your finger tips… yes they are amazing! Totally understandable, who knew how good a drop of wild orange could make you feel – right?

Hooked on oils, and can't help but tell all your friends...
Refer a Friend

Did you know Doterra has an incredible referral program?

So what does this mean to you? The start of a residual income, side hustle, little extra money to help with your groceries – absolutely. Or you may love the product but currently have ZERO time to delve deeper right now…. that’s understandable, there are still beautiful referral bonuses for you.

Let’s break it down, to learn about your options because your friends will see and feel the difference in you, and have oil envy. So help a friend out, because friends don’t let friends buy retail. That’s way too expensive.

1.Explore the financial benefits: You love your oils and naturally can’t help but tell others, it is as simple as that and earn 20% of the total pv of their first purchase. For example, a Home Essential kit is $47 that within a week will be on your Doterra Account. There are no ongoing commitments, so simple. If your keen to start sharing this beautiful natural lifestyle check out this blog “How do I help my friend get started”.

2. Referral Bonuses: I am incredibly grateful for the referrals of your family and friends. To honor you for sending your loved ones my way to support, mentor and guide on their essential oil journey, I offer a special referral bonus just for you. Specially selected for you to enjoy your oils. And if you come across something good I am sure you can’t help but tell your friends how good it is.

How does that work?

You connect me via messenger or email with one or more of your friends who would like to try essential oils or learn more about how they and their family can benefit from using them. I’ll arrange to listen to what they would like to support within their lives or if simply keen to move to a more natural lifestyle, eager to learn beautiful daily rituals to keep them healthy and happy. I’ll teach them about the oils and answer their questions. If they want to get started using the oils, I’ll help them set up an account to get the oils for the best possible prices. Making sure to make the most of any current promotions available to them. I’ll be their support person for any time they have a question come up.

Once I help your friend set up either a wholesale membership or a wellness advocate account with doTERRA and they place their first order, I will reach out to you to see what special gift I can send your way to say thank you. Referring a friend doesn’t mean your starting a business… although they all start here. Also you aren’t committed into doing anything extra. It’s simply sharing the joy of the essential oils.

Benefits for your friends from me…

  1. 25% – 40% off Doterra Essential Oils
  2. Welcome pack to help them right away including Essential Oil Booklet (your go-to mini oil bible), wild orange, and rollers.
  3. Education emails in short snippets to get started
  4. Access to an exclusive oil community over 1000 peeps from around the world to learn and connect with.
  5. Personalised Membership and Lifestyle Overview with me. Go deep on protocols to support physical and mental health including sleep, stress, skin issues, body aches or even cover green cleaning, pet support and cooking with oils.
  6. On Going Support and Education so no matter what life brings you there’s someone to turn to, help guide you with your essential oils.

Got questions or just want to understand this a little more? Send me a message!

Learn more about doTERRA’s refer a friend to you, aka Fast Start Bonus here. And to understand the opportunities available to you, watch this video: “Understanding Doterra’s compensation plan”

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How do I help my friend get started?

You Tube: How to help your friend get their own Doterra Account? How to get them started with first Doterra order?

As your enjoying essential oils you’ve probably started telling your friends and family about them, I loved how they helped support upset tummies, melt away stress, breathe easier. I could go on and on…. The beauty of Doterra is its so easy to share with others, so they can have their own too. This is a step by step process on how you can enrol them yourself. You’ll be surprised how quick it is.


~ Enjoy wholesale prices simply by $35 membership and save 25-40%, get them at the same price as me delivered to your door ~ Sign up with the specially packaged enrolment kits which are saving $ on essential oils and your wholesale membership is included – this is how majority of people get started ~ Option to be part of Loyalty rewards which is incredibly generous and you can also receive free product every month if you choose and other specials

How to Sell doTERRA Essential Oils

Choose how you would like to run your own business, be it having fun classes at home or local cafes or via online. Even the beauty of simply connecting one on one with people.

You don’t need to throw parties or even sell products.  You can do it just to get the the wholesale pricing on your own orders or orders for family.  Once you start trying essential oils you might find yourself wanting to tell everyone you know…I’m warning you.   When you see how a little Peppermint can change your world you might want to share through a class…your friends will thank you.  They’re even kits to help you have a simple cooking or oil blending class with very little preparation.

You can really do a major makeover on your medicine cabinet with essential oils and feel good about using something natural.  That has to be better for you, don’t you think?  I can help you learn how to do it!

I offer phone calls, online classes and more to all our team members to help you learn about essential oils.  They really are amazing and easy to share.

There are NO REQUIRED MONTHLY ORDERS!  {That’s one of the biggest questions I get!}

You can grow your doTERRA business to suit your needs.  Sell products through your free online store {25% commission} or buy products and sell them at retail prices.  It’s easy to get free products to turn around and sell.  You can also start building your own team and training them to build teams…the sky is the limit.

Wellness Advocates do NOT need to live near me!  I can help you grow by email and phone calls.  Sometimes I visit as I travel, and I now have over 1000 people on my team located all over the world!  So, no worries about where you live…you can still work together with us!  We offer some fabulous online classes for our team members and a private Facebook group loaded with friendly people!

Steps for how to enrol someone into your own Doterra community and get the best price for them:

1. Log into to your doterra account, and on the top tab click “Wellness Advocate Services”, then click “Register A New Wellness Advocate”

2. Have their contact details, including Name, Address, Phone, Date of Birth, Email, enrolment order and card payment information ready. Select “Australia Local warehouse”, “Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate”*. Then simply enter their details. Under Enroller ID: should have your Doterra ID. You can also add in a different Sponsor ID, then click verify. Please speak to your enroller about this so can plan what’s best for you.

3. Add their kit or add “wholesale pack $35” and then the individual items they like. Click view totals, to see full price with postage. Click continue, and add Credit Card details.

4. Check your email you should receive an email confirmation of a new enrolment, as they should also receive an email for order confirmation.

Once enrolled, please check in with your enroller for support, as you will need to ensure you have the correct sponsor ID attached to the new member, and this can only be done in the first 10 days.

Be sure that you have a 100 point value order set as a Loyalty Rewards Template so that you will receive 20% commission on the point value of your new members order. It doesn’t have to have processed yet, but it does need to go through during the month your customers’ order is in. You can use this to pay for your next order or even transfer to your bank account. This is just one of 3 ways we are paid, this company is very generous. Take a look here to find out more about the business opportunity. Which is very real I have helped hundreds get started and 4 years later we are still going strong.

WHAT TO DO AFTER I JUST ENROLLED SOMEONE? 1. Add new members to social media educational groups, and continuing education workshops. Everyone is welcome to join our group: This will help provide them with a community of ongoing education and support and answer any questions along the way. Plus see when the next continuing education session is available to join. 2. Let them know as part of their support can receive an automated email series to help educate them over first couple of weeks. Simply email: with their email and name to be added. 3. Send them a little message on fb messenger – congratulate them and thank them for joining you on this oily journey. Send link to go log onto back office and their ID and Password . 4. Set up a date for a Wellness Consult / Member Overview (either in person or via phone) = arrange this to be in a week or so times so just after they got their oils. Message Natalie – a preference for weekday or after hours if like her to do on your behalf. If you would like me to arrange a welcome pack, reach out I do this for all my new enrolments and happy to help you get started if in my team. Share resources: Modern Essentials App, The Essential Life Book are my first stop for essential oil information. 5. Make a note in your diary to follow up at the beginning of next month to tell them about what the free product of the month is, and to help them activate their Loyalty Rewards Program.

Please reach out if you have any questions! Congratulations on your enrolment! Helping others with a healthy lifestyle is so very rewarding.

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May Specials

May is feeling so good already! Our Covid restrictions are lifting a little and Doterra has some beautiful things to get as through this time.  Starting with our specials:

10% – Lavender Peace

Nab this gorgeous blend perfect for sweet dreams and settling anxious feelings.  It has obviously Lavender, Cedarwood, Ho Wood, Ylang Ylang, Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Vanilla, Hawaiian Sandalwood and the best of all Vetiver!  So you can try blend this up yourselves or the smart option would be to get yourselves some 10% off this month.  As this is our key one for bedtime along with Balance, I will get a couple while it’s on sale.

Free Product of the Month – Ravintsara
How to get it?
Place 125 point value order by the 15th of May and this will automatically be included in your order. 

An enlivening aroma that helps create a relaxed and open environment even in the stuffiest of rooms.  Milder than Eucalyptus fantastic for household multipurpose spray too.  Ravintsara is in one of our most popular blends – Easy Air.  Sourced from Madagascar.  How to use it? *Add a drop to a soothing Epsom salt bath or in massage after a workout * Diffuse for a refreshing, herbal scent – help clear the airways * Add a few drops to a spray bottle with water and spray on surfaces or hands * Mix with facial cleanser for added cleansing benefits * Drop in diffuser with Lavender for restful sleep, may also help eliminate snoring * Create a hand cleansing mist by adding 3-4 drops to a 30 mL sprayer bottle  

~ Get Started and Share the Love ~
Super happy this promo has been extended this month!

New members Bonus Now is the time if you’ve been thinking about it to get your first oily stock.  You’ll pick up a free Citrus Bliss, an invigorating blend giving your household a fresh positive outlook. Diffuse, wear, clean or even add to your laundry softener.    My personal hack is I keep this in the toilet made into a spritz with water for room freshener or drop inside the toilet roll and you will get a beautiful aroma each time it rolls over.  Any new member with a 100-point value order or more will automatically have this added to their order.

Help a Friend Bonus Even if I received nothing from doterra I would shout it from the rooftops as it has helped my family and friends even our furbaby so much over the past 4 years.  My only regret is I didn’t have it in our lives sooner.  So when you have a friend that is stressed out, or child struggling with sleep, a persistent cough or cold, please don’t be shy and offer them some of the wonderful natural essential oils that you use.  They will be most grateful.  Better still sharing this month continuous your option to gain a limited-edition oil completely for free – Cananga.  Native to tropical Asia, the Indonesians believe that Cananga symbolises a happy life.  This is a limited edition you can’t actual purchase.  Plus in edition to receiving Canaga you’ll be eligible for 20% commission on your friends order!

Webvention is on – starting 14th May

Be inspired & uplifted!

What a treat we have a virtual convention you can watch in the leisure in your own home. Totally surpassed my expectations as it will take you to new levels personally. This is far from a sales session you’ll find as you’re educated, hear beautiful insights and stories. Plus, first to see all of the new release products. Fingers crossed I am hoping we get the children’s touch rollers (Brave, Thinker, Rescuer especially) and Adaptiv roller and Adaptiv essential oil 15ml. Some supplements would truly be amazing too – like Mito2Max, PB Assist and Terrazyme. Get your tickets here by 10 May:


I want to get some essential oils in my life, how do I get started? It will drop ship to your door just need a couple of details to fill in on link below.

You will receive your doTERRA Wholesale Customer account which gives access to doTERRA products at 25% off RRP. Check out these starter kits where 99% of people start – at great value:

You will become part of the Bliss Active doTERRA team.

Please type in the name of the person you are joining through, either myself (Natalie Sanderson ID: 3142540) or someone in my team, in the Wellness Advocate Referral section.

You will receive a Bliss Active welcome package, 1:1 over phone or in person “get started” wellness consult, educational email training to use your oils and optional access to members-only Facebook groups.

Click here, and click on tab “Join and Save”, enter your details.

Reach out if like a hand what will suit your needs best, and I can make a recommendation and work out best value for you. Phone or text 0400 228 762 or email: to get your essential details and set up your order so could be at your door before weeks end.

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Wish List ~ Your own Inventory

Join in the fun of Essential Oil Wish List!

Your own free template to check off what you have in your inventory, and track what you may like to get next.

~ Laminate or slide into clear plastic sleeve and use whiteboard marker to keep track of stock.  Easily wipe down and update.

~ Fun educational task for the kids to take stock

~ Be on top of your supply ready to snap up specials including the popular Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) deals

~ Challenge yourself to try a new oil or product

~ See more easily which oils may like to save up points for

~ Swap your shop, replace grocery or department store brought home and personal care items and see the instant value back able to claim free products each month

Click this link to download your copy now: wish list

Reach out if you’d like the excel spreadsheet if that is your preference to keep track digitally.

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How to Earn an Income with Doterra

Your’re loving your oils and have been curious how people can earn a six figure income and more from sharing them.  I’m here to share with “How”

Sharing the benefits and helping others lead a natural healthier lifestyle has been a passion of mine for many years.  Fortunately I had a couple of people share with me the beautiful Doterra Essential Oils and I could immediately see the ripple effect sharing these with others could have for better physical, emotional and metal health.  Personally I would shout the benefits of Doterra from the rooftops even if I wasn’t being paid.  However this company is so very generous it has given back and fulfilled many of my dreams in so many ways, at the forefront being empowered to help my family be proactive with their health and kick things to the curb early.  Having partaken directly in activities to help support communities in third world countries a key philosophy behind Doterra’s mission.  Through to being generously compensated for work that is very fulfilling.  Many have asked me about how they can build a Doterra business also.

Doterra Average Earnings 2017

In the graph you’ll see the breakdown of the Monthly and Annual Incomes by rank.  No doubt these will blow your mind.  What is even more exciting is that these are achievable for you, and the upfront commitment is simply $35 for your doTerra Wholesale Account which you may already have if you’ve already been enjoying the benefits of essential oils.

The key to moving through these ranks is duplication.  To progress quickly is consistency, belief in product and confidence in yourself.  The beautiful part about doTerra is its community be it to learn how to use your products for different ailments or conditions to surrounding yourself with uplifting, encouraging and motivating people.  This business will take you on a personal and professional development that will lift you out of funks and into highly inspired mindsets and be paid abundantly.

In traditional work and having worked in roles that took me all over the world to meet partners and give presentations, create agreements never have I been able to progress this quickly nor was this type of income ever going to be available to me in those organisations.  Secondly as its my own business I have complete flexibility over my hours and my growth.  I have also run my own business and I can still say even coupling Doterra with my existing business as they go hand in hand, I have far greater flexibility and financial freedom then I even dreamed possible.  Here’s how the ranks work:

Executive ~ 2000 OV

Executive means your team has an Overall volume (OV) of 2000.  This volume comes from each time someone in your team makes an purchase going towards your OV.   This includes new enrolments, existing members orders including Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) Doterra’s generous points program as well as one time only orders.  Average income is $200 per month, taking 1-3 months.

Elite ~ 3000 OV 

Elite is 3000 OV from within your team, this is an important first rank of acknowledgement as this is the level that your orders will pay for themselves and plus a little.  I achieved Elite in one month.  It is very achievable and average time frame is up to 6 months, income $400 – $900 per month  On average a class will have 500 OV.  Personally I like to try assist my team reach this within 3 months.

Focus: Build Belief in the Product, Courage to share experiences (personal and others), invite to change lives.



Bonuses come into play and residual income is evident from the Leadership Ranks, it also opens you to extra support groups, and access to some events set for Leadership ranks.

Premier ~ 5000 OV with 2 Executives

Premier is the first understanding of building volume within groups in your team.  Overall you need 5000 OV made up of 2 personally enrolled leaders that are in separate teams in your organisation with 2000 OV each, Executives. The remaining 1000 OV can be included in your own personal order and another team within your organisation.  Tip is to look at having two leaders have 4 classes each for the month and you have a couple of classes.    This took me less than 60 days to achieve.  On average it is 8 months, and income is $1100 per month.  I like to help assist my team set up for this rank from the time they get going to help place them in the best position for future growth opportunities.  Empowerment Bonus is paid out to those that achieve the rank of Premier each month and have also personally enrolled 1 new person that month with an enrolment order of 100pv or greater.  The Empowerment Bonus is 1 share which is from $200 – $290 paid each month.

Focus: Belief in the Company & Opportunity, with integrity, present in the message.  Grow trust to enrol.


Silver ~ 9000 OV  with 3 Elites 

Silver rank is achieved when you have 3 separate teams with 3000 OV each, Elites, your total OV will be 9000 or greater.  Personally I reached Silver within my first 2 months, double ranking past Premier in 60 days. On average it is 13 months, with $2296 per month income.  First time access to the Leadership pool, which you will receive 1 share as a bonus for the month.  As a Silver you will also receive the Empowerment Bonus highlighted under Premier of $200 – $290 additional bonus for enrolling at least one new personal per month.  As a Silver, DoTerra also reward you with your own personal account manager to help guide you in future planning, and extra hands to support you along your journey.

Focus: Build Belief in You.  With Commitment, model success habits, Solidify certainty.


Gold ~ 15 000 OV with  3 Premiers 

To reach Gold we identify our 3 Leaders that will achieve the rank of Premier – 5000 OV in 3 separate teams in your organisation, and will assist them in growing their 2 Executives each.  Mapping these all out is an important phase of this rank.  15 000 OV  would be the minimum for you to reach this rank. It took 10 months to achieve Gold, and was in my first month of Diamond Club.  On the average income for is $4875 per month and takes 14 months to reach.  You will receive 5 shares of the Leadership Pool per month.

Focus: Build Belief in Your Builders.  With love, transfer vision.  Nurture a team culture of duplication.


Platinum ~ 27 000 OV with 3 Silvers

To reach Platinum you will have helped 3 leaders with separate teams in your organisation reach Silver, a very exciting rank for your leaders that will inspire their own teams to reach higher.  Platinum average income is $9413 per month and takes 23 months.    27 000 OV  would be the minimum for you to reach this rank. Receiving per month 10 shares of the Leadership pool.  This is a beautiful stage as it allows your leaders to take on a more hands on leadership role for their teams.

Focus: Build Belief in Your Team.  With Gratitude, expand community & leadership.  Amplify momentum.


Diamond ~ 36 000 OV with 4 Silvers 

Diamond is really the pinnacle of all your efforts, very prestigious and respected doTERRA rank.  Deep appreciation  for the many lives that you have reached and empowered in many ways.  As a Diamond you will have 4 Silver teams, and each of their teams will have 3 Elite teams.   36 000 OV  would be the minimum for you to reach this rank.  On average it takes 36 months to achieve and income of $16 813 per month.  Annually $201 764.  A point at which many leaders consider retiring their partner.  This took me 24 months to achieve, during my second Diamond Club journey, double ranking skipping Platinum.

Focus: Build Belief in Your Why.   With Diligence, inspire and lead a movement.  Multiply abundance.


Blue Diamond ~ 75 000 OV with 5 Golds 

An amazing achievement with 5 Gold Leaders in separate teams in your organisation see you reach Blue Diamond.    75 000 OV  would be the minimum for you to reach this rank.  I am excited for my team to reach this rank as I know many have their sights set on being Gold Leaders or beyond and how this growth will boost their team to new levels.  The average income is $38 630 per month.

Focus: Build Your Belief in Your Influence.  With humility, infuse passion for you purpose.  Cultivate empowered leaders.

Presidential Diamond ~ 162 000 OV with 6 Platinums 

Supporting 6 of your leaders in separate legs achieve the rank of Platinum or beyond will see you achieve Presidential Diamond.  Each of your six leaders will have achieved a six figure rank!  An amazing feat and your positive sphere of influence will have expanded further than you ever imagined.

In beginning of 2017 there were 2 Australian Presidential Diamonds and by the end of  2017 there were 8.


Tips for building successfully:

~ Take one step at a time, focus on setting up classes, or One on One catch ups, online or in person to achieve the goal of Elite.  This can be done in one class.

~ Understand placing to build for rank and encouraging baby sharers to participate on the journey with you.

~ Be consistent with the way you educate your team be it via social media, team meetings, emails or combination.

~ Stack classes at the beginning of the month, understand the promotions of the month and educate them to your team.

~ Engage in regular personal & professional development to stay motivated and carry you through this journey

~ Have a clear understanding of your why, and share it with others.  Incorporate oils throughout your daily life.

~ Engage in your community –  your friends will notice.

I encourage you to share with an open heart and mind to help serve others lead a healthier, happier life.  There is someone out their waiting.  My underlying passion and why  is that these beautiful essential oils came into my life too late to help special loved ones.  Please reach out to all those around you, as you never know what somebody maybe going through behind their smile.

Reach out if you would like a hand to get started.  Email:

Reference: Figures and detailed sourced from doTERRA , click here.