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Taking Essential Oils Eternally To Eat or Not to Eat?  That is the question……


One of the first things that really intrigued me was taking Essential Oils internally the idea that I could put a couple of drops of lemon into my morning water was very appealing in a convenience sense.  However, I questioned how it would affect my body.  I researched and consulted others with a scientific background and interest in the health industry.


It simply came down to this, I knew in every day foods that I consumed there were food colourings and additives.  So why wouldn’t I try an essential oil derived directly from the plant, distilled and ensuring there are no synthetics added.  It was a no brainer.   My morning ritual for over a decade, relied on lemons and not only were they expensive, also a stressor if I was going away as I would need to have lemons first thing in the morning.  It is so ingrained into my daily habitats. This helps rehydrate, cleanse and get the metabolism going for the day.  I had been using real lemons but at times they were inaccessible – too expensive, unavailable or I forgot to buy them.  So I had Lemon Squeeze as a backup.  However that itself is full of preservatives and additives.  To get something from the real thing in the most potent, pure form was amazing.


Over a year of using the lemon essential oil I noticed my teeth sensitivity had diminished, to the point of almost being non-existent, I didn’t need sensitive tooth paste anymore.  I am certain it has to do with not having that acidity from the lemon essential oil a huge bonus for me.


Cooking with Essential Oils has definitely enhanced my culinary expertise.  It is fun to experiment and add extra flavour enhancers knowing its not adding calories.  Some of my favourites are Peppermint Brownies, Jaffa Slice, Bliss Balls Apricot and Ginger, Apple Pie Slice with Cinnamon and Cardamon, Chai Latte.  Then to whip something up for dinner and have a little Lemongrass and Ginger add into spice up the Stirfry or Oregano and Basil for Italian.  Salad Dressings with Lime, Lemon and Spearmint so refreshing.  Completely non-exhaustive list.



When you think about Essential Oils they have been around since the beginning of time, and are found in the pharmaceutical industry, make up, perfume, cleaning, and food industry.  It certainly came as a surprise they are most commonly found in the food industry, think about multinational giant Coke a Cola they use essential oils as part of their flavouring.  If we be honest with ourselves can you fully interpret the ingredients on packages?


As a devoted health professional, wholefoods are key for me and knowing that the essential oils come directly from the plant product itself without any additives reassures my questioning side.  When selecting goods off a shelf I am looking for wholefoods listed on the ingredients and not numbers or names I can’t pronounce.


This is where you can see not all oils are created equal you can purchase oils from the supermarket or over the counter.  I have done exactly that, however they don’t work as well and aren’t in the purest form.  The support and community from Doterra has really changed my life in the most beautiful way.  At my fingertips I have access to members support groups that will respond to my queries in minutes for all array of things from basic first aid, beauty tips and emotional support.  Knowing someone else has gone through this before.  I put my faith and backing in Doterra Essential Oils knowing they are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade CPTG, that they wouldn’t allow any contamination of an oil.  That the oils are produced and harvested from plants in their indigenous habitat and as a result helping small communities often very remote with education and water available on tap.  This is Doterras strong social and community ethical work that makes me proud to be associated with them.

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Kids eating salad & vegetables

dips and vegiesDo you struggle to have your kids eat salad or vegetables?  Sure there are ways that you can trick them into eating it or bribe them, wouldn’t it just be nice if that enjoyed eating them?

Here’s some tips on things you can try to encourage healthy vegetable eaters in your home:

  1. Role model, Role model, Role model that’s you Mum & Dad.  They look up to you and need to see you enjoying salad & vegetables first.
  2. Serve up a small plate of salad before putting anything else on the plate such as chicken or pasta.  Once the salad is all eaten you can move onto the next part of the meal.
  3. Try lots of different salads and vegetables, they may not like tomatoes, that’s ok, there are plenty of other vegetables carrots, cucumber, corn, asparagus, spinach leaves, snowpeas. Try steaming, roasting, boiling, fresh cut.
  4. Be consistent, you may have very little eaten at first, just keep putting it out there – ask them to just eat 2 or 3 pieces.  Over time the plate will go by itself.
  5. Vegetable patch, grow your own vegies or visit a friends vegie patch, if they can see and be involved in the growing process they will certainly be eager to eat the fruits of their labour.

If all else fails:

  • Make funny faces using salad  or vegetables
  • Skewer the vegetables for kebab vegies.
  • Grate the veges and hide it in your risottos or pastas.  Over time make the pieces of vegetables larger till they become accustom to eating it in larger whole like pieces.
  • Super powers, yes tell them it will give them the super power and muscles they are looking for like Dora or Spiderman to grow big and strong 😉

With my 4 year old, 3 year old & baby it hasn’t always been a perfect salad eating home, now we have plain salad regularly and it is all eaten except for a little tomato.   You will get there and it is rewarding to know they are eating as healthy as possible.  It’s also great when you can make up a wrap with lettuce leaves, cucumber and sliced meat that it is all devoured rather than dissected and only the cheese consumed.