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Kids Chores earning pocket money

Boy hanging out washing

A dollar worked for is respected,

A dollar spent is understanding value,

A dollar saved for a goal is a life lesson learned!

Yesterday Mr 6 told me I was a Kind Mummy and you won’t believe why…. He’d just finished up his chores. This totally shocked me. He clearly values getting paid for his work.

Cleaning the outdoor chairs to earn extra pocket money

We’ve been doing this for about 6 months and they are certainly understanding the value of money. Total win win as our home  is cleaned by our little people, they earn pocket money, and sooo many other things:
~ respect for home ~ value of money ~ how to count money ~ save verse spend ~ life skills

Each child has 3 chores that they need to complete over a week to be paid. They each have goals that they are saving toward. From their pocket money each week they contribute to their school banking and tuckshop. They independently decide on how much to put into banking. Tuckshop they have a choice, choose something $4.50 or less and we’ll pay, or more than that then they need to contribute. Plus they put a little aside for a charity of their choice.

We maybe harsh to some but hopefully we’re instilling some life skills, having pride in their work and being rewarded for it.

They also have to unpack a row of dishwasher each morning, this is non paid part of being in family and it’s been on since they were 4 years old. Plus putting away their clothes.

Having a couple of boys the toilet can get quite messy. I’m finding this is really helping with cleanliness and also less toothpaste all over vanity top.

Of course they are cleaning with low tox cleaning – On Guard Cleaning Spray. Lemongrass is dropped onto the wood diffusers in bathroom. Fresh aromas busting away any bad aromas. No endocrine disrupting chemicals seeping into their little bodies.

Some weeks they blow me away when they take on extra jobs to earn a few more $. Literally scrubbing their hearts out. Cleaning under the table and legs, fans and outdoor chairs, plus the grids of door frames.

Miss on a mission cleaning the outdoor table with On Guard Concentrate Cleaning Spray – natural low tox multipurpose spray helps get rid of mould.

I find them having a goal to save towards is pretty critical as motivates them to get their jobs done. And I have already seen the shift with my youngest desperate to get lego and he was super happy with his dragon lego. The next time he brought just a random toy at the shops and he said to me later he understands now not just to go buy anything that could be wasteful. To save is a good idea.

I feel more confident that when they go to other peoples homes they’ll be respectful and keep it clean too. We’ve borrowed a few ideas for our chore and pocket money system and adapted to meet our household. We give them coins and notes so they can actually get the money in their hand and then put it into a spend, save or give to charity box they each have. Do you have a family pocket money system too? Love to hear!
So many ways to do, let me now if want me to share in more detail.

Choosing age appropriate jobs can be tricky but I find they all will manage in some way, it’s usually just hanging the washing I will give a little hand with.

Here is another resource you may like to see on the subject:
#chemicalfree #endocrinedisruptors #teachthemyoung

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Wish List ~ Your own Inventory

Join in the fun of Essential Oil Wish List!

Your own free template to check off what you have in your inventory, and track what you may like to get next.

~ Laminate or slide into clear plastic sleeve and use whiteboard marker to keep track of stock.  Easily wipe down and update.

~ Fun educational task for the kids to take stock

~ Be on top of your supply ready to snap up specials including the popular Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) deals

~ Challenge yourself to try a new oil or product

~ See more easily which oils may like to save up points for

~ Swap your shop, replace grocery or department store brought home and personal care items and see the instant value back able to claim free products each month

Click this link to download your copy now: wish list

Reach out if you’d like the excel spreadsheet if that is your preference to keep track digitally.

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How my day rolls with Essential Oils

Snapshot of my day with oils, each day is a little different depending on emotional & wellness needs. 💗 being able to draw on anything I need at anytime. Home essentials kit really does cover it all. No need to be relying on unnecessary medications or turning to naughty food for comfort or energy boosters.

Up & at ’em: wild orange & peppermint diffusing

Morning ritual: lemon water cleanse

Cleaning & removing: odours = vinegar with on guard

Sharing the love in class: balance grounding blend all round, definitely a favourite with my kids going off to school.

Keeping any tummy woes at bay: Digestzen. Has stopped anyone trying to skip out on school due to ‘not feeling well’

Lunchtime metabolism rebooted: Slim & Sassy

Night time: Lavender rubbed on souls & spine – peaceful nights sleep


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Taking Essential Oils Eternally To Eat or Not to Eat?  That is the question……


One of the first things that really intrigued me was taking Essential Oils internally the idea that I could put a couple of drops of lemon into my morning water was very appealing in a convenience sense.  However, I questioned how it would affect my body.  I researched and consulted others with a scientific background and interest in the health industry.


It simply came down to this, I knew in every day foods that I consumed there were food colourings and additives.  So why wouldn’t I try an essential oil derived directly from the plant, distilled and ensuring there are no synthetics added.  It was a no brainer.   My morning ritual for over a decade, relied on lemons and not only were they expensive, also a stressor if I was going away as I would need to have lemons first thing in the morning.  It is so ingrained into my daily habitats. This helps rehydrate, cleanse and get the metabolism going for the day.  I had been using real lemons but at times they were inaccessible – too expensive, unavailable or I forgot to buy them.  So I had Lemon Squeeze as a backup.  However that itself is full of preservatives and additives.  To get something from the real thing in the most potent, pure form was amazing.


Over a year of using the lemon essential oil I noticed my teeth sensitivity had diminished, to the point of almost being non-existent, I didn’t need sensitive tooth paste anymore.  I am certain it has to do with not having that acidity from the lemon essential oil a huge bonus for me.


Cooking with Essential Oils has definitely enhanced my culinary expertise.  It is fun to experiment and add extra flavour enhancers knowing its not adding calories.  Some of my favourites are Peppermint Brownies, Jaffa Slice, Bliss Balls Apricot and Ginger, Apple Pie Slice with Cinnamon and Cardamon, Chai Latte.  Then to whip something up for dinner and have a little Lemongrass and Ginger add into spice up the Stirfry or Oregano and Basil for Italian.  Salad Dressings with Lime, Lemon and Spearmint so refreshing.  Completely non-exhaustive list.



When you think about Essential Oils they have been around since the beginning of time, and are found in the pharmaceutical industry, make up, perfume, cleaning, and food industry.  It certainly came as a surprise they are most commonly found in the food industry, think about multinational giant Coke a Cola they use essential oils as part of their flavouring.  If we be honest with ourselves can you fully interpret the ingredients on packages?


As a devoted health professional, wholefoods are key for me and knowing that the essential oils come directly from the plant product itself without any additives reassures my questioning side.  When selecting goods off a shelf I am looking for wholefoods listed on the ingredients and not numbers or names I can’t pronounce.


This is where you can see not all oils are created equal you can purchase oils from the supermarket or over the counter.  I have done exactly that, however they don’t work as well and aren’t in the purest form.  The support and community from Doterra has really changed my life in the most beautiful way.  At my fingertips I have access to members support groups that will respond to my queries in minutes for all array of things from basic first aid, beauty tips and emotional support.  Knowing someone else has gone through this before.  I put my faith and backing in Doterra Essential Oils knowing they are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade CPTG, that they wouldn’t allow any contamination of an oil.  That the oils are produced and harvested from plants in their indigenous habitat and as a result helping small communities often very remote with education and water available on tap.  This is Doterras strong social and community ethical work that makes me proud to be associated with them.

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Nature’s Solution Enrolment Kit Essential Oil Bliss

Doterra Natures Solution Aromatherapy Kit

Oh Boy Oh Boy – this is the Bomb!

Recently released in Australia this enrolment kit is Epic.  So many are picking this up and for many reasons, firstly you save over $200 and have the whole kit to transfer your home bring it into a complete low tox chemical free from home cleaning to toiletries and first aid.

Here is everything you will pick up:

15ml DigestZen

15ml Purify

15ml Tea Tree

15ml Oregano

15ml AromaTouch

15ml Frankincense

15ml Lavender Peace

15ml Easy Air

15ml Citrus Bliss

15ml Lavender

15ml Lemon

15ml Peppermint

15ml Smart & Sassy

15ml Lemongrass

15ml On Guard

Past tense (10mL)

Clary Calm (10mL)

Ice Blue (5mL)

Ice Blue Rub


Fractionated Coconut Oil

Easy Air Vapour Stick

Petal Diffuser

Wooden Box

On Guard Cleansing Toothpaste

On Guard Foaming Hand Wash (with 2 dispensers)

On Guard Beadlets

Introductory Packet and Enrolment.


Purchasing this beautiful starter kit will entitle you to a dōTERRA wholesale membership fee, which will give you a 25-40% saving next time you purchase through your dōTERRA account directly.  New Wellness Advocates who enroll with a Natural Solutions Kit and have a 100 Product Value (PV) Loyalty Rewards order the following month* will receive:

  • 100 Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) points
  • Start LRP point accrual at 15%

You will also receive my informative welcome pack guiding you to using essential oils, how-to-guide to buying dōTERRA directly, explaining the benefits of sharing dōTERRA and how to benefit from their promotions and giveaways, and lastly the ongoing support from me to mentor and guide you with recipes, remedies, videos and more.

As this kit entitles you to a wholesale membership with DōTERRA ordering directly via this link will enable your account. Please watch my How to Enrol & Order video to step you through your purchase or alternatively call me on 0400 228 762 to place an order on your behalf.  Or simply you can click here and go to “Join & Save” on the menu bar

Doterra Natures Solution Aromatherapy Kit
Doterra Natures Solution Aromatherapy Kit


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Shortness of Breath, Chest Tightness Respiratory Support

Easy Air Respiratory Support

Wheezing, breathlessness, coughing and overall feeling restricted through chest and respiratory tracts.  A dormant condition can come to surface with exposure to cooler weather and other environmental factors including air pollution.

This affects thousands and our family is definitely one.  I can hear my little ones struggling as soon as the weather changes.  Fortunately with Easy Air I am able to dillute with coconut oil and apply to their chest and spines.  This will help carry them through the day at school and daycare.  It’s a blessing to start our day with Easy Air diffusing to help support the whole family and at night throughout their sleep.  A 15ml bottle with 250 drops is only $27 wholesale, this has saved us a small fortune in puffers & preventatives.  Plus the time to visit the doctor.

Bringing Doterra Essential Oils into our home was the best decision for our health we’ve made.  Nature’s Solution support us and help alleviate conditions at the first signs before we end up on heavy medication or hospitalised.

It is a passion to share this with others and if you would like to learn more and be able to pick up your own Easy Air please reach out.  With tried and tested blends for Immunity, Coughs and change of season I’d be happy to share with you.  There are many ways you can get started from a Home Essentials Kit to cover all your first aid, sleep, skin, digestive, low tox cleaning, mood and more.  I just wished I’d started taking the chemicals out of our lives sooner, and had something at my finger tips to support my family rather than waiting till things were full blown to visit the doctor.  To get yours delivered to your door and join a beautiful support community to make sure you make the most of your oils, follow this link here.  My Own Doterra Essential Oils




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Trainers tips for Weight Loss

Letting you in on a little secret that has helped me help hundreds of clients drop dress sizes, some over 50kg – that is a whole person!

Many loose 6kg in 6 weeks. 20+cm off the belly. Ultimately as a Trainer the majority of people I see want to loose weight. Anyone who has trained with me, knows that I could care less about what the scale says, your shape, size, age or ability.

My goal is to help get your metabolism moving, and there are a series of things I know you can do naturally to kickstart this, then we work on building muscles, and then that is when the magic starts to happen. It is also about creating the right environment and head space, I want everyone to achieve their goals and get results, I will be there encouraging, checking in to make sure they are on track.

I have felt the effect of Slim & Sassy it does get that metabolism moving. I don’t believe in meal replacement or supplements, I look for the long term. I don’t want anyone feeling disappointed 3 months down the track, it is about creating healthy bodies for life. I do love Slim and Sassy purely as it is all natural based – anyone could put it together. If you would like a bottle conveniently put together check out the bottle in more detail here. It is definitely coming with me on my 3 week holiday, as I know I could become a little sluggish and need to give my metabolism a little helping hand.

Click here to purchase your own bottle or even better pick up the Smart and Sassy Essentials Kit, covers your top 10 oils for stress, sleep and all home first aid covered.  Plus a large bottle of smart and sassy.

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SuperMoon Blessings…

Super Moon Blessings

Release the Old and Embrace the New

With the largest moon in 68 years conditions are prime to enjoy the moons energies releasing old patterns and things that don’t serve you and embracing the new.  Powerful opportunity for reflection and release of any negative energies and blockages.  Essentially letting go to make space for new beginnings, new intentions and new ways of being.  Create a moment for yourselves to pause within the busy-ness, an intentional moment to reflect and become more connected. I’ve been researching & ultimately drawn instinctively the oils to support a full moon cleanse.  You may like to use these or a combination of your own:

  1. Cypress-teaches the soul how to let go of the past by moving with the flow of life.
  2. Lemongrass-a powerful emotional cleanser.
  3. Sandalwood – meditative connector, calm the mind, still the heart spiritual clarity.
  4. Melaleuca-releases co-dependent and parasitic relationships.
  5. Rose-letting go and receiving Divine love and grace.
  6. Rosemary-aids in transition and change.
  7. Wild Orange-helps you to detach from drama and relax into their own creativity.
  8. Jasmine – uplifting, anti-depressant, euphoric, draw wealth, luck, justice, harmony.
  9. Frankincense – enlightened, loved, protected, wisdom, spiritually open, connection with father

You may choose to dilute them with carrier oil on the skin, place neat in your bath.  You may choose to write you down the things you are letting go over and burn them, setting them free by the moon light.  Here is a beautiful phrase a friend shared to help you cleanse by the moonlight

I choose to accept that which is mine…. mine is that of unconditional love and light

I ask to let go of all that does not serve my higher self… please release it into the universe with love

Then it is best tsupermoono set your intentions….

We have a little collection of beautiful Moon stories we will read, to celebrate the supermoon.  One of my children has a deep attraction to the moon, always pointing it out to me since she was a baby.  I’m super excited as I will get to cleanse by the moon enjoying an outdoor aquafit session that always uplifts and brings joy.

Tonight the new SuperMoon will rise approx. 5:56pm Central Qld & 5:45pm Sth East Qld.

Happy Full Moon Blessings – may it be super blessed for you!

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Mater Little Miracles 5km

On Sunday 28 April 2012 we enjoyed a lovely morning out for a great cause Mater Little Miracles 5km inaugural event at Capalaba Recreation Reserve.  Was wonderful to be involved with a fun event, Bliss Active was requested to do the warm up for the crowd of 500+.   It was tops for the family with many super stars including Dora, Wonder Women & Green Lantern giving out high 5s.  We’ll be putting together another team for the June 2 event at Southbank & everyone is most welcome to join us.  Simply Email:

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Triathalon Fun

Done & dusted completed first Triathlon on Saturday 4 May on the Gold Coast.  In a relay style fashion, you have 3 team members with each completing a 400m swim, 10km bike ride and 4km run.  Truly a fun and encouraging way to take on a tri as your team mates are there cheering for you along the way. Highly recommend to get involved with the Bliss Active team next year, we will definitely be backing it up.  Look out for post at early in the New Year as we get set for it again.

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Bliss Active Ekka Display

Bliss Active was honoured to be invited by The Royal National Agricultural and Industrial Association of Queensland, aka “The Ekka”, the Brisbane Show, to be a part of the fashion stage this year. As well as fashion, hair and makeup workshops, the Ekka is also incorporating other women’s activities and interests. Bliss Active is the sole health and fitness provider that will be on stage prior to the Fashion Parades performing Bubby Pilates, Baby Bootcamp & providing general fitness & well being tips. Make sure you stop by and check us out & pick up a goodie bag.

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Family Fit Day – Ginger Sport Soccer & Bubby Pilates

Mater Little Miracles logoBack by popular demand Bliss Active and Ginger Sport have joined forces again to provide “Family Fit Day” a fantastic morning of activities sure to get the blood pumping. Soccer fun for lil ones (2years plus) & Pilates workout for Mums whilst babies sleep or have fun on rugs alongside. Mums can watch their little ones playing soccer whilst getting in a Pilates workout. At the end there is a special parachute play. Everyone welcome.

Cost: Just for a donation to a very worthy cause “Mater Little Miracles” – & receipt will be available for tax purposes

Booking: Be sure to rsvp with your name, number, email & children’s name and age. 6 places already reserved so make sure you book early not to miss out. E: or via text 0400228762

Meeting point: Carindale Recreation Reserve off Bedivere St, large open oval with fitness equipment spreadout around it, which is just above playground & to the right of the amenities block.

What to bring: Mat & or towel, water & sun protection

Visit Facebook event page for all updates:

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Bliss Pilates TV fame = classes booked out

2012 certainly started off with a bigger bang then expected.  We were thrilled to be televised on air with our Bubby Pilates featuring on the Great South East on the 1st & 7th of January 2012 as fun things to do with baby in Brisbane.  Bubby Pilates is very unique as it is Mum & Baby Exercise, aimed to help Mums get back in shape post baby, loose the baby weight and tone up through a complete Pilates workout.   At the end of Bubby Pilates we have a dedicated baby movement and play session which is great for brain development, bonding and socialisation.  It is difficult to find a Mum & Baby Exercise class that incoporates an effective workout for Mum  as well as a dedicated baby movement session.

The unexpected television publicity along with many members friends joining us has seen our classes running at capacity.  To ensure that everyone receives the attention they deserve additional classes are being added as we are sticking to our 12 members per class maximum.  The first additional class is on Thursday at 9:30am.  Be sure to call or email: to book in for a trial class before this class is also filled.  This week we have also added a Monday 9:30am class with Childcare and a few places remain in this class also.  Everyone is welcome including beginners, pregnancy, postnatal Mums.  A number of levels are provided so everyone can be challenged within their own level.

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Love the movie ‘Bridesmaids’? Then you’ll love Bliss Pilates in the Park

Bliss Pilates is continuing to bring Pilates to the Park with sessions being held in local parks across Brisbane including Bulimba and Camp Hill. If you’ve seen the movie ‘Bridesmaids’ you’ll understand how much fun it is to participate in outdoor PILATES. Except, the classes are so well priced… you won’t have to hide behind a tree!

Ideal for those that love the outdoors, Park Pilates involves undertaking Pilates in a group class at a local park. Each class is delivered by head Pilates Instructor Natalie who is very experienced and one of Brisbane’s most loved instructors. You’ll need to book in as Park Pilates is very popular. Simply bring your own towel or mat and indulge in some outdoor activity – soaking up the sun and some vitamin D.

Outdoor classes go for 45 minutes and cover all your favourite Pilates exercises.

Book in today:

Ph: 0400 228 762

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Where our Clients Come from?

We are very pleased to welcome clients from all parts of Brisbane, including: Ascot, Aspley, Annerley, Balmoral, Bulimba, Camp Hill, Coorparoo, Carindale, Carina, Clayfield, Cleveland, Capalaba, Hawthorne, Mt Gravatt, Norman Park, Mt Ommaney, Mt Cotton, Paddington, Pullenvale, Seven Hills, Redland Bay, Victoria Point, Wishart, Windsor and many more.  With our 2 key studio locations, people travel for up to 45 minutes, with little ones in tow.  Why? We offer great Pilates classes for Mum and Baby plus toddlers at afforadable prices, ensuring a good workout for Mum and a little fun for the little ones.  We were also the the first to offer Pilates classes run for Mum simultaneously to 2, 3, 4 & 5 years Dance, Gymnastic and Movement classes.  Ensuring everyone can enjoy a great workout especially the super busy Mums with a baby and an older child.