Bliss Active – Everyone welcome

Personal Training

Fast track your results with exercise programs tailored to suit your goals, and keep you on track with the personalised training.

Bliss Pilates

Pilates for everyone – unrivalled track record as a safe and effective
method of body conditioning for people of all ages. Like celebrities
the world over you too can enjoy the benefits of graceful posture,
toned limbs, and a firm abdomen. Lengthening your muscles and feel
the burn in muscles you never knew how to activate.

Bubby Pilates 

Signature class for Bliss Active and in very high demand.  Wonderful experience for Mum/Dads and Baby to bond through exercise. Participants will be able to enjoy a workout with their babies that they will be able to continue with at home. Focus will be on toning, gentle strengthening and improving mobility and increasing flexibility. Emphasis will be given to strengthening the core muscles and activating the pelvic floor and transverse abdominals particularly important for postnatal Mums.
Great opportunity to network with parents of babies around same age.  The class also has a dedicated section for bubby including movements to rhymes, baby sign, baby massage and some parachute play!

Pilates with Childcare

Enjoy an uninterrupted workout that’s sure to get your blood pumping and your fat fading away, whilst your baby, toddler or child are cared for by our child adoring carers.

Personalised Pilates Individual 1:1, 1:2, 1:3 

Individual Pilates classes tailored to meet specific fitness & health goals are highly sought after.  Especially for clients wishing to shape up and feel great at a pace most suited to themselves.  Contact Us for quotes on prices

Corporate Classes

Fit and healthy employees make great employees.  Bliss has proudly taught on behalf of many organisations.  It has been wonderful to see the improvements of the attendees, in mind and body including a great moral that they build for the organisations.  All classes suited to meet needs of organisation/company during lunch hours, before work or after work.  Additionally we have undertaken contracts for personal fitness training for Conferences and Community Events.  Contact Us for Individualised Quotes.

Baby Bootcamp

Baby Bootcamp is a fun cardio based workout, with periodic fitness testing, individualised goal setting and food diaries to ensure you work towards the weight loss & body you desire.

Minis Dance/Gym

Special tiny tots dance/gymnastic class running simultaneously. For 2+year olds. This class covers rhythm, coordination, enjoyment of dance and movement, special awareness, confidence and social interaction.
Class favourites include “the rocket”, “motorbike”, “good toes & naughty toes.