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DōTERRA Convention

dōTERRA Convention Gold Coast

Just one of the great benefits of being a DōTERRA Wellness Advocate…

Wow, my first ever Australian DōTERRA convention definitely exceeded my expectations and I did hold very high hopes.  The mere thought of sitting in a large auditorium listening to speakers on end for 3 days I wasn’t sure how I would hold up.  With each new speaker that took the stage I was intently listening and trying to absorb their special personal stories, many of which tugged on the heart strings.  Leaving you with a more in depth appreciation of the power of a single drop.

From the very beginning all the DōTERRA Wellness advocates were spoilt with gifts of kindness from our team leaders; starting with Adeesh and Santoshi’s breakfast complete with practical souvenirs including gratitude journal, success booklet and ceramic bowl to mix up oils.

Then I was privileged to be apart of the ‘Silver and Above’ training, it felt so surreal to be surrounded by other wellness members who I have been following on social media and in awe of: their inspiring high level energy, here are a few memorable words,

Rebecca – flip your fear around, turn the negative into a positive

Adam Cope – do it with love, coming from a finance background was originally a numbers game till he moved the needle within himself

Mish Pope – Love Languages, self-care and actively being present in life outside of Doterra

Emma Knight – 90 – 95% of activity is unconscious, programming the brain.  Always asking “What would my highest self do?”

Ben Lee – Intimate Live Guitar Performance “Being Passionately You” – Infinite patience you’ll reach your destination.  Let your genius come to life.  Thank you for watching and sharing in my genius coming to life.

Hayley Hobson – Continue to enrol for the shear love of the business.  Qualities look for in placing someone in key position: – Competent, Capable, Coachable, Confident & Great Communication.

Paul Ovens – How are you leveraging your time? *Creative Collaboration of ideas* Rank Advancement Formulae No#1 Question – How many people have you invited?

Vanessa Jean – you are a multi-faceted Diamond! “Share In Vision” – Space Holder.  I see the Diamond within you! My job is to help you see these facets and to pull them together.  I do this through having a deep belief in my own capacity to mentor you.  Need to be more “High Touch” vs high tech, classes, incentives, working directly with your main leaders

Individual breakout sessions with guest speakers for each rank.  Wrapped up beautifully with a Presidential Diamond Panel

The key convention was filled with awe-inspiring presenters, several singing and encouraging the audience to be involved too.  As the room became involved you could feel the energy rising.   With very little business covered it was really personal success stories and hearing the journey many others had taken and listening to each individuals uniqueness they bring to touching others with Doterra.  The aniticipation of Dr Hill was one I was most looking forward to and he most certainly delivered.

Dr Hill

Shared research on DDR Prime being undertaken by Cancer researcher Dr Patti, showed it stimulated apoptosis in a damaged cell and not in a healthy cell – just as the body should. Showed to protect sells against Reactive Oxygen Species ROS.

2 years ago started Gene Expression Study to look at the whole human geno – never been done before.  How its effected by each essential oil.

Particularly great to hear the in-depth knowledge on Spikenard and Pettigrain and the applications especially for High Blood Pressure, Immune Boost the later particularly good for these.  Birch a beautiful woody aroma, fantastic for inflammation and pain.

Aroma touch Storey of Paralysed snow vehicle accident, after daily aroma touch techniques from her friend, she woke with hunger pains, then went on to pedal bike by herself, eventually to walking in pool without braces.  And 3 months later walking 565 steps in an exoskeleton.  Amazing after such a crippling accident, and little hope the support team were just as surprised.


Recognise and Compliment, little ways to share you care.  The measure of success is how happy you are.  A team is a group of people who trust each other.

Shared a beautiful story of Frankincense and the impact in made in a non-verbal 5 year olds life and his family.

Dr Rob Young

Life Long Vitality Benefits – Live Younger for Longer….. Cell regrowth, feeling fantastic and energised.

Jessie’s Team were treated to a special team only dinner and individuals gifted Leonie Dawson Collection for Personal development, and business growth planners, plus a Diamond Club special pack to share.

Gala was fun-filled and energising celebrating the amazing Diamond achievements and dining on dishes infused with DōTERRA Oils before mingling and getting groove on the dance floor.

Each speaker brought their own unique story and I look forward to imparting some of their gems with each of those that I touch along the way.

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