Start a healthier & happier lifestyle with Bliss…

Welcome to Bliss Active a special place to guide you to a healthier and happier you.  I am Natalie Sanderson, I thrive on building strong rapport with my clients and enjoy seeing the objectives come to fruition.  Target groups continue to grow and achieving goals of more diversity, connected, active community.

Bliss Active was established in 2010, just three months after giving birth to my second child. It was driven by a need to step back from my hectic pre-motherhood lifestyle where I was working long hours in a demanding international marketing manager role. I knew this wasn’t the lifestyle I wanted for myself and my family, so I decided to choose to a different path, follow new dreams and live my life completely.

My love for Pilates encouraged me to enroll into an instructors course, and then I completed my education in personal fitness training. I then began my own personal training business in Brisbane QLD, and have since taught thousands of people and helped many drop kilos and build the foundation to a healthier lifestyle.

Having built my own successful business and little family over the years, I have felt the demands a little overwhelming at times (I’ll be the first to admit). When a friend introduced me to aromatherapy to help deal with stress, sickness and that array of emotions that every mere mortal is faced with on a daily basis.  My life changed…again…this time with a little bit more sparkle!

My journey has brought me here, and I love it! My vision is to help others chase their dreams and have a holistic approach to their mind, body, family, and work. Bliss Active is here to guide and mentor you through:

  • health and fitness programs
  • nutrition advice and recipes
  • holistic remedies and essential oil education
  • buying quality health products and essential oils online
  • continual one-on-one support to get the most out of your products

I have had the pleasure of helping thousands of people achieve their health goals over the years, and I am always inspired by the people I meet.

If you need to reset and find that sparkle, lets work together to break down the steps, work out the possibilities and make lifelong solutions…

Natalie Sanderson x