If you can dream it, you can do it – Walt Disney

Your personal health and general well being is vital to you and those around you. If you are dreaming of a better you, than you can do it. Small changes to your routine can make a difference and most importantly help you to build on your progress.

Exercise (oh dear that dreaded word) is important when you are wanting to make physical changes to your body and energy levels. Exercise shouldn’t be frowned upon, nor is it a chore, think of it as your time to to release your worries, meet new people and try something active.

Being active should be simple, our advice is to find something you enjoy and give it your all for 30 minutes. Studies show that short regular bouts of exercise are more effective giving you long term health benefits as opposed to an hour long workout.  Committing is key! 1 session per week is fun, 2 sessions per week is great and helps maintain, 3 sessions a week is best, and if you can manage more than that then you will really see a difference.

Mix it up between cardio and strength workouts these are going to be most effective for toning and increase fitness.  Think: Bootcamp, Boxfit, Circuit, Running, PT

Alternative low impact are good and helpful for healthy heart, however they traditionally don’t burn as many calories, incorporate maybe 1 or 2 in as part of your workouts.  Things like cycling, aquafit, pilates and yoga. The later two are exceptionally good for core strength and we highly recommend incorporating into your active lifestyle.  Working out in a group is proven to be more effective for adherence to program and improved overall fitness, so make a workout pack with a buddy or join a challenge if you really want to quick some goals.

Bliss Active currently holds Fitness Classes at various Brisbane locations.  View our schedule here:

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