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Kids Chores earning pocket money

Boy hanging out washing

A dollar worked for is respected,

A dollar spent is understanding value,

A dollar saved for a goal is a life lesson learned!

Yesterday Mr 6 told me I was a Kind Mummy and you won’t believe why…. He’d just finished up his chores. This totally shocked me. He clearly values getting paid for his work.

Cleaning the outdoor chairs to earn extra pocket money

We’ve been doing this for about 6 months and they are certainly understanding the value of money. Total win win as our home  is cleaned by our little people, they earn pocket money, and sooo many other things:
~ respect for home ~ value of money ~ how to count money ~ save verse spend ~ life skills

Each child has 3 chores that they need to complete over a week to be paid. They each have goals that they are saving toward. From their pocket money each week they contribute to their school banking and tuckshop. They independently decide on how much to put into banking. Tuckshop they have a choice, choose something $4.50 or less and we’ll pay, or more than that then they need to contribute. Plus they put a little aside for a charity of their choice.

We maybe harsh to some but hopefully we’re instilling some life skills, having pride in their work and being rewarded for it.

They also have to unpack a row of dishwasher each morning, this is non paid part of being in family and it’s been on since they were 4 years old. Plus putting away their clothes.

Having a couple of boys the toilet can get quite messy. I’m finding this is really helping with cleanliness and also less toothpaste all over vanity top.

Of course they are cleaning with low tox cleaning – On Guard Cleaning Spray. Lemongrass is dropped onto the wood diffusers in bathroom. Fresh aromas busting away any bad aromas. No endocrine disrupting chemicals seeping into their little bodies.

Some weeks they blow me away when they take on extra jobs to earn a few more $. Literally scrubbing their hearts out. Cleaning under the table and legs, fans and outdoor chairs, plus the grids of door frames.

Miss on a mission cleaning the outdoor table with On Guard Concentrate Cleaning Spray – natural low tox multipurpose spray helps get rid of mould.

I find them having a goal to save towards is pretty critical as motivates them to get their jobs done. And I have already seen the shift with my youngest desperate to get lego and he was super happy with his dragon lego. The next time he brought just a random toy at the shops and he said to me later he understands now not just to go buy anything that could be wasteful. To save is a good idea.

I feel more confident that when they go to other peoples homes they’ll be respectful and keep it clean too. We’ve borrowed a few ideas for our chore and pocket money system and adapted to meet our household. We give them coins and notes so they can actually get the money in their hand and then put it into a spend, save or give to charity box they each have. Do you have a family pocket money system too? Love to hear!
So many ways to do, let me now if want me to share in more detail.

Choosing age appropriate jobs can be tricky but I find they all will manage in some way, it’s usually just hanging the washing I will give a little hand with.

Here is another resource you may like to see on the subject:
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