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Refer a Friend

So you love having Essential oils at your finger tips… yes they are amazing! Totally understandable, who knew how good a drop of wild orange could make you feel – right?

Hooked on oils, and can't help but tell all your friends...
Refer a Friend

Did you know Doterra has an incredible referral program?

So what does this mean to you? The start of a residual income, side hustle, little extra money to help with your groceries – absolutely. Or you may love the product but currently have ZERO time to delve deeper right now…. that’s understandable, there are still beautiful referral bonuses for you.

Let’s break it down, to learn about your options because your friends will see and feel the difference in you, and have oil envy. So help a friend out, because friends don’t let friends buy retail. That’s way too expensive.

1.Explore the financial benefits: You love your oils and naturally can’t help but tell others, it is as simple as that and earn 20% of the total pv of their first purchase. For example, a Home Essential kit is $47 that within a week will be on your Doterra Account. There are no ongoing commitments, so simple. If your keen to start sharing this beautiful natural lifestyle check out this blog “How do I help my friend get started”.

2. Referral Bonuses: I am incredibly grateful for the referrals of your family and friends. To honor you for sending your loved ones my way to support, mentor and guide on their essential oil journey, I offer a special referral bonus just for you. Specially selected for you to enjoy your oils. And if you come across something good I am sure you can’t help but tell your friends how good it is.

How does that work?

You connect me via messenger or email with one or more of your friends who would like to try essential oils or learn more about how they and their family can benefit from using them. I’ll arrange to listen to what they would like to support within their lives or if simply keen to move to a more natural lifestyle, eager to learn beautiful daily rituals to keep them healthy and happy. I’ll teach them about the oils and answer their questions. If they want to get started using the oils, I’ll help them set up an account to get the oils for the best possible prices. Making sure to make the most of any current promotions available to them. I’ll be their support person for any time they have a question come up.

Once I help your friend set up either a wholesale membership or a wellness advocate account with doTERRA and they place their first order, I will reach out to you to see what special gift I can send your way to say thank you. Referring a friend doesn’t mean your starting a business… although they all start here. Also you aren’t committed into doing anything extra. It’s simply sharing the joy of the essential oils.

Benefits for your friends from me…

  1. 25% – 40% off Doterra Essential Oils
  2. Welcome pack to help them right away including Essential Oil Booklet (your go-to mini oil bible), wild orange, and rollers.
  3. Education emails in short snippets to get started
  4. Access to an exclusive oil community over 1000 peeps from around the world to learn and connect with.
  5. Personalised Membership and Lifestyle Overview with me. Go deep on protocols to support physical and mental health including sleep, stress, skin issues, body aches or even cover green cleaning, pet support and cooking with oils.
  6. On Going Support and Education so no matter what life brings you there’s someone to turn to, help guide you with your essential oils.

Got questions or just want to understand this a little more? Send me a message!

Learn more about doTERRA’s refer a friend to you, aka Fast Start Bonus here. And to understand the opportunities available to you, watch this video: “Understanding Doterra’s compensation plan”

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